The Woman Who Came Back

Adolfo Ruiz, in collaboration with the Behchoko Community

Video + image panels

Developed through collaborations with elders and youth in Behchoko (on the northwest tip of Great Slave Lake), The Woman Who Came Back reveals the epic journey of the first Tlicho to make contact with Europeans. Research with community members evolved through the Tlicho notion of being ‘strong like two people’—the strengths of two ways of knowing (oral and visual) were brought together to provide a contemporary interpretation of this story. Combining indigenous research methods with the practice of art, design and animation, this project also involved the building of relationships and interaction between generations. The resulting film is an embodiment of cultural knowledge. It is a tangible tool for facilitating the dissemination and evolution of this Tlicho story.

Credits: Students and staff at Chief Jimmy Bruneau High School; Renelta Arluk