North South: Making Global, Making Local

Berto Pandolfo + Megan Strickfaden

3D objects and printed material

Digital making has become more diffused almost simultaneously as hand-craft has experienced its resurgence. Uniting the opposing ideas of digital and manual making presents an interesting platform from which to explore product design. Then, locate two designers at opposite ends of the globe and engage them in a cross cultural collaborative project with production being both global and local. A single design was developed collaboratively by two designers, one situated in Australia the other in Canada. The partially completed object will then be 3D printed in the designers’ respective country. Completing the object requires a local ‘manual’ intervention by the designer that will complement the digital-global starting point.

Megan Strickfaden

North (Canada)

Rapid Prototyped PLA—white (printed in Edmonton), mixed media


Berto Pandolfo

South (Australia)

Rapid Prototyped ABS—white (printed in Sydney), mixed media