Clearwater Studio

Lancelot Coar, Unbuild/Design/Build studio program + community of Clearwater, Manitoba

Digital prints + video

Since 2007 the Department of Architecture at the University of Manitoba and the farming community of Clearwater, Manitoba (population: 68) have developed a unique Unbuild/Design/Build studio program that explores the importance of community history, environmental stewardship, material resources, and the life-cycle of the built environment. The students in the Clearwater Studio have taken 5 century-old abandoned structures in Clearwater and deconstructed them down to the foundation in order to procure great quantities of valuable old-growth lumber. Working alongside the residents throughout each phase of these projects, 80 students (7 studio groups) have transformed this overlooked rich material to design and construct 8 new projects that reflect a common future for the residents of Clearwater.

Credits: Designers: Emily Bews, Brooke Conrad, Taylor Gould, Lindsay Imlah, Talia Keyton, Kailey Croeker, Zoé Lebel, Ye Lin, Devon Meyer, Candle Russell, Adéle Sinclair, Mackenzie Sinclair, Denis Virgnon-Tessier, Todd Willick, Wei Xue, Wei Zou, Einat Menashe, Markian Farkavec, Jordan Chappell, Stephen Faust, Sylwia Sieminska, Gordon Yiu, Joshua Adria, Kara Burman. Collaborators: The Community of Clearwater, The Harvest Moon Society, The Clearwater Sports Club, Robert Guilford, Carissa & Greg deJong, Mick Maloney, The Manitoba Conservation, the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. Funders: University of Manitoba, Department of Architecture, Technology Fee Committee, Faculty of Architecture Businesses and Organizations: Government of Manitoba, Conservation and Water Stewardship—Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention (WRAPP) Fund, Assent Works, Border View Lumber, Cartwright, Brown and Rutherford, Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), Cory Aronec Photography, Crozier Kilgour Engineers, Jeld-Wen Windows, Milestone Construction, Pembina Co-op Pilot Mound Home Centre, Doug Pogson, Crystal City, Rana Respiratory Care Group, Russel Metals, Shepherd’s Dream Wool Filled Bedding, Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, Westman Steel Photographer: Lancelot Coar