counterpoints invitationCounterpoints is an open conversation about innovations, influences and future directions of design studies in the north.

The panel discussion was on Thursday May 21, from 5:00 to 6:15pm in 2–20 Fine Arts Building at the University of Alberta. Audience members were invited to ask questions.

Our panelists were Courtney Chetwynd, Jorge Frascara, Richard Isaac and Gavin Renwick.


Panelists have been invited to respond to how we can:

  • Offer perspectives on spirituality and design;
  • Explore tacit ‘northern’ knowledge versus tacit ‘design’ knowledge;
  • Equip designers to meet people’s needs through cross-cultural collaborations;
  • Interrogate the idea of sustainable design education;
  • Challenge imported education models;
  • Transform spaces of communication through design;
  • Connect designers’ ways of thinking with cultural ways of knowing;
  • Embrace pluralistic and intercultural approaches to design in relation to design studies in the north.

Read the panelists’ responses.

Panel Discussion

Counterpoints Panel/Webinar

Organizers: Robert Lederer + Gavin Renwick

Opening + Closing Remarks: Aidan Rowe

Moderator: Robert Lederer

Panelists: Courtney Chetwynd, Jorge Frascara, Richard Isaac, Gavin Renwick

Event Assistance:  Tim Antoniuk, C Couldwell, Juan Fajardo, Naureen Mumtaz, Jiao Wang, Danny Whittaker

Project Acknowledgements

Thank you to students + staff from the Department of Art & Design (including Louise Asselstine, Blair Brennan, Kathleen Berto, Steven Dixon, Cezary Gajewski, Ken Horne, John McGie, Dawn McLean, Marc Siegner, Stan Szynkowski, Caitlin Wells), Fine Arts Gallery Committee, exhibitors and panelists, Faculty of Arts staff (including Salena Kitteringham and TJ Jans)