Peter Jones

Digital print

Morrísland is a cartographic interpretation of William Morris and Iceland (Ísland is Icelandic for Iceland). The metaphorical map begins to plot the influence on and relationship to of the island and it’s people on this seminal design figure. The map contains a varied range of information, data and impressions collected and developed during my Visiting Research Fellowship at the Icelandic Academy of Arts during 2014. The focus of my research was Morris’s two visits to the island during the 1870’s. These northern introspections were largely driven by his interest in the Icelandic Sagas. Whilst the northerly location aligns with the theme for the call, the map also begins to plot how Morris’s experience in Iceland may have influenced his developing position on environmental, societal and political issues. It is no coincidence that not long after returning from Iceland, Morris crossed “the River of Fire” (an Iceland-inspired metaphor if ever there was one) and became a Socialist.