Designing In the Other North

Bettina Neu

Installation with mixed media (sound, visuals, 3D objects)

North facing is the preferred location for a house in Wellington, North Island, New Zealand. Opening up the house to the north brings the warmth of the sun. The Northerlies is a wind in Wellington, sometimes regarded to be the windiest place on the world. Raki means North in Te Reo Māori. Using a series of experimental design tools this installation probes visual conversations with some emerging designers, their understanding of their culture, identity, and design beliefs as driver for their continuous design ventures.The hidden stories aim to reveal different perspectives of designing in remote locations, becoming a millennial designer, using cultural identity as a form of design knowledge, forming design identities, bridging cultural and generational boundaries, breaking the rules.

Credits: The following New Zealand designers have generously made this installation possible by agreeing to let me tell their stories from my perspective: Annabelle Nichols, Gillian McCarthy, Hamish MacIntosh, James Irvine, Joe Levy, Jono Coates, Lucy Mangin, Matt Everitt, Oscar Pipson, Ruth Mitchener, Saint Andrew Matautia Zach Challies, Zach Moller and Think&Shift (Sam Griffin, Daniel Kamp, James McNab).