REMAND (4,2) – (1,5) – (3,2) – (1,1) – (3,3) – (1,4) SUCCS (4,3) – (4,5) – (1,3) – (1,3) – (4,3)

Emery Lane Norton

Vinyl installation

One unread message: before wall posts and txt msg entered the lexicon of everyday language, prisoners of war pioneered a form of non-verbal conversation called the tap code. The encrypted message system organizes the alphabet on a grid. Tapping one to five times will identify a row then up to five again will locate a character in the given column. REMAND SUCCS throws visual communication into the country’s largest slammer where the subversive knock-knock routine faces a tough crowd everyday. The work might even challenge the viewer to materialize new messages of resistance and confront the confinement of habituated media.