Psychogeographic Archive of Edmonton: A Collaborative Collection

Chelsea Boos, with Sean Bliss

A 3D installation of found objects, maps, drawings, images, photos, diagrams, fragments, notes, trash, complemented by a sound work

In the tradition of the Situationists, a series of subversive and playful drifts—“a technique of transient passage through varied ambiances” (Theory of a Dérive, Debord, 1958)—will bring awareness away from routine to observe and document psychogeographic affects of urban form in Edmonton. The public will contribute to an ongoing collective archive, creating an interpretive exhibition about urban life in the North. Immersed in a sound installation commissioned from Sean Bliss, participants will enact a place for community and imaginative play something the northern city often disapproves in favour of brutal and utilitarian streets—opening up potential for experimental encounters with the urban landscape.