Northern Narratives from 2-36B

Anne Brown, Anna Campbell, Pui Chu, Jaime Clanachan, Rachel Denholm, Bianca Ho, Sophie Maisonneuve, Hilary McHale, Lydia Stewart, Ryan Wayne, Chenxin Zhou, Aidan Rowe + Cindy Couldwell


Inspired by the themes referenced in the Design Latitudes exhibition, students in our senior Interactive Media course (Des 596) explored an animated typography project, focusing on selected audio tracks. These projects consider subjects ranging from Canada as north, navigating winter cities, isolation, diverse heritages, immigration policy, First Nation rights, and identity. The narratives are reinterpreted/reimagined /transformed, making them accessible to audiences via a different medium. Each narrative works through ideas of northernness, allowing the works to resonate with each other, creating a multi-faceted conversation on various themes. These works juxtapose concepts of heritage, culture, and identity, shift the contours of location, navigation, and place, in relation to environmental, societal, cultural, and political issues.

Credits: Class taught by Aidan Rowe + Cindy Couldwell