design latitudes invitationDesign Latitudes is an exhibition mapping the innovations, influences and future directions of design studies in the north.

The exhibition ran from May 12 to June 6, 2015 at the Fine Arts Building Gallery on the University of Alberta campus. The opening reception was on Thursday May 21, 2015.

The Design Latitudes exhibition explores shifts of ‘latitude’ and frontiers of ‘north’ in relation to our interdisciplinary Design Studies program at the University of Alberta, which connects design education to research, practice, industry and community engagement. ‘Latitude’ encompasses both geographical context as well as breadth of freedom of action or thought. ‘North’ is bordered geographically, framed in opposition, and conceptualized through a diversity of experiences, lenses and spaces.

This exhibition reflects on, articulates and critiques aspects of design education by documenting our past, situating our present and envisioning our future possibilities. Beyond looking at the legacy and prospects of our own program, we hope that Design Latitudes generates dialogue and debate on how to equip designers to meet the needs of communities in the north and beyond.

The Design Latitudes exhibition showcases 59 submissions from students, graduates, faculty, instructors and design professionals affiliated with or connected in any way to Design Studies in Industrial Design and Visual Communication Design at the University of Alberta. These innovative submissions challenge, conceptualize, critique, embody, examine, explore, interrogate, propose, reflect on and reveal a wide array of frameworks for design studies in the ‘north’.

Opening Reception

 Gallery Images

Design Latitudes Project Team 2013–2015

Visioning Committee (Design Studies): Tim Antoniuk, Susan Colberg, Cezary Gajewski, Robert Lederer, Gavin Renwick, Aidan Rowe, Bonnie Sadler Takach

Co-organizers: Bonnie Sadler Takach + Robert Lederer

Project Manager: C Couldwell

Educational Coordinator: Bonnie Sadler Takach

Instructors: Judy Armstrong, Susan Colberg, Gillian Harvey, Eleanor Lazare, Aidan Rowe, Bonnie Sadler Takach, Kevin Zak

Teaching Assistants: C Couldwell, Travis Holmes, Devaki Joshi, Cameron MacRae

Design + Production: Jaymes Barone, Daniela Fernandez Manzo, Marcella Gadotti, Stephan Remonatto Boufleur, Aidan Rowe, Bonnie Sadler Takach

Photography: Louise Asselstine

Web Design + Administration: C Couldwell

Promotion: Salena Kitteringham, Julie-Ann Mercer, TJ Jans

Design Latitudes Exhibition

Curator: Aidan Rowe

Curatorial Assistant: C Couldwell

Exhibition Designer: Aidan Rowe

Exhibition Assistance: Tim Antoniuk, Blair Brennan and the Fine Arts Building Gallery Graduate Assistants, Susan Colberg, C Couldwell, Daniela Fernandez Manzo, Marcella Gadotti, Travis Holmes, Robert Lederer, Justin Pritchard, Stephan Remonatto Boufleur, Bonnie Sadler Takach

Jury: Susan Colberg, C Couldwell, Robert Lederer, Gavin Renwick, Aidan Rowe, Bonnie Sadler Takach

Project Acknowledgements

Thank you to students + staff from the Department of Art & Design (including Louise Asselstine, Blair Brennan, Kathleen Berto, Steven Dixon, Cezary Gajewski, Ken Horne, John McGie, Dawn McLean, Marc Siegner, Stan Szynkowski, Caitlin Wells), Fine Arts Gallery Committee, exhibitors and panelists, Faculty of Arts staff (including Salena Kitteringham and TJ Jans)