Precarity Pilot—Redefining the Path of Our Working Lives

Brave New Alps + Caterina Giuliani

Online platform

Precarity Pilot is an online platform and a series of nomadic workshops around Europe that address in inventive ways issues faced by precarious designers. In a time where cuts to welfare systems and unfair working conditions are making it difficult to confidently imagine the course of one’s working life, Precarity Pilot is an attempt to direct the efforts and everyday activities of designers in the ‘north’ towards constructing empowering economic environments—both through what they produce and through the ways they practice and live.


Funded through: Akademie Schloss Solitude (DE) and Leeds College of Art (UK). Webdesign: Brave New Alps and Gaja Mežnarič Osole. Contributions by: 26’10 South Architects, Åbäke, Geetika Alok, Bananadesign, Jody Boehnert/ecolabs, Francesca Coluzzi, Fieldwork Facility, Footprint Co-op, Formes Vives, Dario Galli, Tabea Glahs, Valeria