frost flowers/arctic death machine

Blair Brennan + Nancy Sandercock

Mixed media

frost flowers/arctic death machine is a movement exhibition inspired by the story of Sir John Franklin’s doomed 1845 expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, and the Canadian, English, aboriginal and contemporary histories that overlap this story. Equal parts dance, sculpture, sound-scape and video installation, it is designed to be a kind of hallucinatory post-dramatic circus inviting the witness into a dream/nightmare of the North.

Kyle Armstrong

Video accompaniment for performance


Blair Brennan

Oil Barrel Dream Machine

Oil barrel, barrel dolly + trouble light

Oil Barrel Compass

Oil barrel + forged steel

Terror and Erebus

Tin cans, wood, duct tape, felt, neoprene, steel, rivets, nails, screws + washers

A selection of preliminary/concept drawings

Ink, blotted ink, gouache, pencil, colour photocopy, collage, pencil crayon, felt


Nancy Sandercock

Knit Survival Blanket

Space blankets + mylar tape

Gillie/Wilder Mann Inspired Top

Hoodies, safety pins, netting, yarn + survival blanket

Skirt for Wilder Mann Inspired Costumes

Crinoline + muslin


Sergio Serrano

frost flowers/arctic death machine Poster

Commercial printing/duplicating