Evolving Lines: An Artifact Exploration Exercise Through Drawing and Handwriting

Adolfo Ruiz + Megan Strickfaden

Animation using graphite and ink + handwritten panel

As design researchers, we question how, where, and why lines are drawn. It is through this spirit of inquiry that we developed Evolving Lines, an artifact exploration project that makes use of drawing and handwriting as a means to evoke and explore knowledge, meaning and cultural memory in community-based research. Through the use of animation, we also provide a new way to communicate collaborative experiences, while suggesting ways of redrawing the line between researcher and researched, material objects and people, past and present. Evolving Lines was initially visualized by various participants from the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta, and will be further developed on the land with the Tlicho community of Behchoko.

Credits: Students from HECOL 569: Material Culture in Practice